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Workshop on Grid and High Performance Computing

USTH, Hanoi, Vietnam
February 23-24th, 2017

1. Background

Last year, the USTH consortium organized working groups for structuring research in some strategic fields. Two topics were selected in the area of ICT:

  • IoT and sensor networks
  • grid and high performance computing

In previous years, we observed the emergence of two hot topics which are cloud computing and big data. While these two topics are addressed by many communities of computer sciences, we are here concerned by the infrastructures that are used to host cloud computing and big data platforms.

Such infrastructures are generally called data centers. They are built from the aggregation of many interconnected hardware servers, to provide a computing capacity for hosting cloud or big data applications. Notice that the spectrum of considered applications is very broad and can include (not exhaustively) HPC, simulation, data mining, image processing as well as Web applications.

In this context, we are mainly interested in the software, at the operating system level and middleware level, that is used to exploit such a data center. The overall goal of these software is to efficiently manage ressources (computing, memory, storage, network).

Call for bachelor internships at ICTLab

In the context of the SWARMS project (see the figure) of our ICTLab of USTH, we are looking for ICT bachelor students  who prefers to do his/her final internship in the ICTLab. If you get interested, please feel free to contact the supervisors mentioned in the subjects via their email or directly at ICTLab. We will study your application and interviews will be held to select the appropriate candidates.

ICTLab Seminar 2016/01/26 @ USTH

Speaker: Dr. LE Huu Ton, University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, Vietnam
Topic: Improving Image Representation Using Image Saliency and Information Gain
Date: 1:00pm – 2:00pm, January 26th 2016
Location: Room ICTLab, USTH building, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

ICTLab Poster: Epidemiological Risks Model for the Dengue Fever with Control Policies and Economic Mobility

Abstract: The aim of this project is to design a model which can represent the dynamics of spreading of the dengue fever in indirect correlation with the climate and considering healthcare policies and the economic mobility of different countries. The final result of the model is to show for the concerned countries that the limitation of spreading is possible thanks to policies, but also the combination, communication, synchronisation of members of a policy is at least as crucial as policy itself. The final model of the project is made of sub-models : an epidemiological theoretic model to study the dynamic of the disease, a mobility model to study the economic mobility of countries and a coupling model adding control policies.

ICTLab Poster: SWARMS (Say and Watch: Automated image/sound Recognition for Mobile monitoring Systems)

Abstract: The objective of this project is to obtain a flexible and real-time monitoring network, which could supplement possibly existing (fixed) networks, and could then feed a decision-support system (through models and simulations of evolution scenarios) or support an advanced visualization of the phenomenon to monitor. The main idea is to study in a real context the feasibility of a smartphone-based monitoring network, where the devices are not only used as passive sensors but can also be actively used by their owners to transmit visual, voice and textual pieces of information to the monitoring system, in order to enable stakeholders to analyze and forecast information.