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The research domains of interest for training at ICTLab includes:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Machine Learning
  • High Performance Computing

The internship topics  at ICTLab of USTH mainly focus on these research domains. Following are the internship topics at ICTLab 2018:

Topic 1: Build up a semantic annotation workflow for AgroLD

Supervisor: Dr. Pierre Larmande (IRD – ICTLab)

M2 Student: Kazim Muhammed Jibril

Topic description: AgroLD (– www.agrold.org) is a RDF knowledge base designed to integrate data from various publically important plant centric data sources. The aim of AgroLD project is to provide a portal for bioinformatics and domain experts to exploit the homogenized data model towards filling the knowledge gaps.

The purpose of this internship is to develop a semantic annotation framework to semantically annotate datasets. Starting with a datasets (e.g. csv or excel file) the objective will be to identify matching between some text elements in the file and concept from a given ontology.

There are many existing ontology matching tools. The first part of internship will be to review existing tools. Then propose a method to process semantic annotation and score the results.

Topic 2: Red river flood escape strategy in a quarter of Hanoi

Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Chapuis

Student: Julien Font

Topic description: The student will study the behavior and perception of inhabitants in case of exceptional rise of the Red river using GIS and social data. He will undertake field study about risk perception and topological structure of the quarter to determine vulnerability and feed a multi-agent based model to simulate the impact of several strategies on the evacuation process.

Topic 3: Escape Gama plugin to enhance the study of egress in a multi-agent simulation

Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Chapuis

Student: Axel Bonnafoux

Topic description: The research work the student will carry on is about two aspects of modeling effort of the Escape project: First he will help define the multi-agent model in Gama using Gaml as the specific modeling language, for the study of evacuation of Phuc Xa quarter in Hanoi. Based on this experience, he will develop a plugin in java – i.e. to define new capabilities in the Gaml programming language – to help modelers to manage their input data, that can be of various type, size and format; e.g. GIS based, demographic, survey, mobility data among other.

Topic 4: Gen* Gama plugin

Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Chapuis

Student: Anthony Fouchard

Topic description: The student will work on the integration of the Gen* open source library to the Gama platform. The internship will be at the edge between Escape and Gen* project, providing to the former an easy way to model population under risk and to the latest a wider audience making it easier to be used directly in Gama.