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About ICTLab

ICTLab is a joint international ICT research laboratory between USTH and Vietnamese and French partners. It involves researchers coming from USTH, IOIT (Institute of Information Technology, Hanoï), IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement) and the University of La Rochelle, France.


ICTLab was created on December 1st, 2014. Its creation was supported (directly or indirectly) by USTH, the French Embassy in Vietnam, 13 French high education institutes and universities (USTH Consortium), and the ADB (Asian Development Bank).


ICTLab is equipped with a small scale GPU-based High Performance Computing Cluster. The cluster consists of 9 machines in total.

All of the computing nodes are running with a single/dual socket 6-core Intel Xeon CPUs configuration, with at least 24GB of RAM and 1TB storage (HDD or SSD). The installed GPUs range from GTX 690 (2 x 1536 cores), GTX Titan Black (2880 cores), Tesla K40c (2880 cores) to Tesla K80 (2 x 2496 cores). GPU memory ranges from 4GB to 12GB for each install card. The computing nodes are interconnected by both 1Gbps Ethernet and FDR 56Gbps Infiniband. A shared 15TB RAID storage is provided to each node.

The cluster is currently used for various scientific problems, such as deep learning, computer vision, speech synthesis and recognition, etc.


ICTLab is located in the heart of the VAST (Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology) complex, in the city center of Hanoï, Vietnam.

 Hereafter a few pictures of our facilities.