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Kick-off Meeting of SWARMS Project

SWARMS (Say and Watch: Automated image/sound Recognition for Mobile monitoring Systems) project is one of the two main projects of our ICTLab. The project is planned to start its implementation from January, 2016. The kickoff meeting happened in 18/12/2015 was an important event of the project.

MORNING : 8h30 – 11h00
● 08h30 : Welcoming coffee
● 09h00 : Partners introduction (for present partners)
● 09h15 : A short presentation of the SWARMS project
● 09h30 : Presentation of the possible applicative contexts
● 10h00 : Discussion about the possible applicative contexts
● 10h30 : Coffee break
● 11h00 : Priorization of the possible applicative contexts
● 11h30 : Alignment of the workpackages with the first priority applicative context

AFTERNOON: 14h00 – 17h30
Partners in France join the meeting (8 am in France)
● 14h00 : Partners introduction (for present partners as well as partners in France)
● 14h15 : Discussion about the project and the morning outcomes
● 15h00 : Discussion about the overall system architecture and the links between each module
● 16h00 : Creation of the workpackage teams and timetables proposal
● 16h45 : Proposals and ideas for seeking additional fundings
● 17h15 : Communication and collaborative working tools
● 17H30 : End of the meeting

Here is a memorial picture of the whole team at the end of our meeting.