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LungCancerCare (A system to support doctors in Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment): Lung cancer is one of the most serious and common types of cancer all over the world, both in number of new patients and in number of fatalities. There were total 1.69 millions of fatalities because of lung cancer in 2015 only (source: World Health Organization). Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer for both genders in Vietnam. According to statistics from Ministry of Health, Vietnam has 25200 new patients in 2017 and expected 30.000 new patents per year in 2020. The goal of this project is to study and develop efficient deep learning models in order to improve the accuracy and computational performance to lung cancer image analysis algorithms.

Specific goals include:
(1) Building an annotated image dataset for lung cancer analysis with case studies in Vietnamese hospitals;

(2) Studying and proposing deep learning models for efficient detection and classification of lung tumors as benign and malignant;

(3) Developing a decision support software to assist doctors in lung cancer detection.