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MiJVeh (Mitigation against Jamming Attacks in Vehicular Networks): Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETs) plays a role of wireless communication technology supporting Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) in the domain of vehicles. Characteristics of vehicular environment always create challenges. A wide range of applications and usage scenarios requires for enhancements in standardized protocols and security in vehicular networks before implementing in daily life. One of common types of attacks in VANETs is jamming attack. Although several detection methods have been proposed to deal with jamming attack, such methods specified for basic safety messages in vehicular networks still remains an open topic for researching due to the variety of ITS applications and scenarios. Moreover, after detecting attack, there is a need for a defense protocol to react to the attack.
In this project, our objectives are studying and proposing mechanisms for devices in vehicular networks (vehicles installed communication unit) to react to jamming attacking incidents in order to recover the communication in the networks.