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Seminar January 01, 2018 @ ICTLab of USTH

Topic 1:GreenIT : State of the Art, Trends and Challenges.
Speaker: Prof. Jean-Marc Menaud from IMT-Atlantique (INRIA , LS2N)
Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Abstract: The purpose of this presentation is to make a state of the art on GreenIT. More precisely, i will present solutions used to reduce the cloud computing energy and environmental impact. Three axes will be presented : Solutions at Software level, Network Level and servers/DataCenter level. At the end of this state of the art, I will describe some my recents research works and some trends and challenges.

Topic 2:Making Sounds (and Images) Interactive Thanks to an Informed Approach
Speaker: Sylvain Marchand, Professor at the University of La Rochelle, France
Time: 3:00pm – 44:00pm
Abstract: “Active listening” enables the listener to interact with the sound while it is played, like composers of electroacoustic music. The main manipulation of the musical scene is (re)spatialization: moving sound sources in space. This is equivalent to source separation. Indeed, moving all the sources of the scene but one away from the listener separates that source. And moving separate sources then rendering from them the corresponding scene (spatial image) is easy. Allowing this spatial interaction / source separation from fixed musical pieces with a sufficient quality is a (too) challenging task for classic approaches, since it requires an analysis of the scene with inevitable (and often unacceptable) estimation errors. Thus we introduced the informed approach, which consists in inaudibly embedding some additional information. This information, which is coded with a minimal rate, aims at increasing the precision of the analysis / separation. Thus, the informed approach relies on both estimation and information theories.