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Seminar January 18, 2018 @ ICTLab of USTH

Topic 1:Structural and algorithmic aspects of lattices in Formal Concept Analysis (FCA)
Speaker: Karell Bertet, Laboratory L3i, La Rochelle University, France
Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Abstract: Since the 2000s, the emergence of formal concept analysis (FCA) in various areas of computing, as in data mining and knowledge representation for databases and ontologies, has highlighted the structures of concept lattice and closed set lattice. The emergence of the lattice structure can be explained both by the growing share of computer science in most disciplines, leading to increasing production data, but also by the increasing power of computers. This seminar aims to present the basic concepts of lattice theory and FCA, and key generation algorithms. Some examples of applications in classification and knowledge representation will also be presented.

Topic 2:Acoustic Sensors for Mechanical Characterization of Materials
Speaker: Gilles Despaux, Full Professor at Montpellier University
Time: 3:00pm – 44:00pm
Abstract: After a quick introduction devoted to the presentation of the different Masters degree and student projects in the ICT field and signal processing at the University of Montpellier, the presentation will be oriented towards the use of ultrasound for the observation of materials. Acoustic microscopy is a not well-known microscopy to visualize at the micron scale, optically opaque materials. Moreover, it can also, in some cases, easily give the mechanical properties of materials. We will present the sensor, the associated instrumentation and signal processing used to extract information. We conclude with examples of applications such as characterization of electrical power modules or materials of the nuclear industry.