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Seminar November 28, 2017 @ ICTLab of USTH

Topic :Semantic Exploration and Integration of Statistical Data
Speaker: Dr, Do Ba Lam, HUST
Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Abstract: In recent years, the amount of statistical data available on the web has grown dramatically. Numerous organizations and governments publish statistical data in a multitude of formats and encodings, using different scales, and providing access through a wide range of mechanisms. Due to such inconsistent data publishing practices, analysis of heterogeneous statistical data is challenging. In this presentation, we introduce how we address three major challenges to integrate and explore disparate statistical data sources, i.e., (i) syntactic heterogeneity; (ii) semantic heterogeneity; and (iii) providing uniform access to heterogenous data sets. We implement this approach in StatSpace, a linked statistical data space that provides uniform access to more than 1,800 data sets published by a variety of data providers including the World Bank, the European Union, and the European Environment Agency.